The Foundation

Breast Cancer Arabia Foundation is a non-profit charity, number 1153107 registered in England and Wales by the Charities Commission, the UK government department that registers and regulates charities. The Foundation was set up to help improve breast cancer treatment and care for all women living and working in the Middle East.

 What We Do

The Foundation provides financial support to women living and working in the United Arab Emirates, who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, access life-saving surgery and treatment when they are unable to afford these costs. We also provide financial support to hospitals and centres for equipment and staffing so that they can improve their standards of breast cancer treatment.

 Who We Help

We help women living and working in the Middle East regardless of nationality and socioeconomic status, access breast cancer services. We receive donations and support from around the across the globe from companies, groups and individuals that share our objective of trying to improve breast cancer treatment and care for women.

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There are many reasons why people support our work.

What will your reason be?

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Donate from wherever you are in the world in a range of currencies using one of the methods below. If you are a UK taxpayer, remember to add GiftAid if you are donating using MyDonate from BT or JustGiving. Adding GiftAid means that we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give and it won’t cost you any extra.

If you are organising an event or taking part in an event, fundraising pages supporting us can be set up using either JustGiving or MyDonate from BT. 


Your gift will help us save lives, improve treatment and care for women fighting breast cancer and will help support education and awareness.


Your gift will offer hope.



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There are various projects, events and programmes organised by or on behalf of the Breast Cancer Arabia Foundation that support our work and objectives.


From helping to fund mammogram screening programmes in Egypt, or  supporting patient treatment in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates, or helping to fund medical supplies for breast cancer centres or supporting awareness programmes in countries of the Middle East, the Foundation wants to be able to do more to increase the detection of, and treatment and care of breast cancer for women.


So get involved and support a project, (or as many as you like). You could also get your family and friends involved, or support in memory of someone.

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Can you make a difference?

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is not a death sentence. However women in the Middle East face many challenges that influence their chances of survival and in many cases their diagnosis is a death sentence.


Some of these challenges include, not being able to afford treatment, not having access to the right information and being under the care of inexperienced, unspecialised and sometimes unscrupulous doctors.


By getting involved you will be helping to support women living and working in the Middle East, regardless of nationality, access breast cancer services and be helping us to improve treatment and care.

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Who we help

All women living and working in the Middle East can benefit from our activities and we aim to reach as many women as possible through the help of regional organisations and partners.

Our main focus is the provision of financial support to enable women to access breast cancer services, surgery and treatment. We do not provide financial support for surgery and treatment for women who have entitlement for treatment under their country's national healthcare systems. Therefore the great majority of women that we provide assistance to in this way, are expatriates.